Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Karma Pre-Heresy Celebration

I've had a lot of good luck recently. Early last Friday I was overjoyed to see that I had won an awesome "Copperhead" Imperial Guard Valkyrie created by Col. Hessler, author of SADOUKAD 16. I am very grateful to have won such a cool and unique model. Woo-hoo!

Copperhead Valkyrie, currently en route to my corner of the Imperium

My winning streak was then confirmed on Monday when I scored another choice victory, this time in a contest held that morning at The Astral Wolves. Thanks to the fortuitous intersection of Hunter S. Thompson trivia and some adorable kitties, a link back to here is now kindly featured in a place of great prominence on Von Drakin's blog. But that is not all as my winnings also included the promise of a feature article to be written about this very blogging enterprise, diceRolla! (I admit this does make me a little nervous.) Lastly he's going to paint a miniature in my honor... how cool is that?!?

Thank you very much, gentlemen!

With such good fortune on my side I've decided this is the perfect time to kick off another contest of my own. I've actually been thinking about this for a while. More than a month ago I gave in to temptation and clicked on this blog's "Stats" button for the first time. My goodness, I was shocked to say the least. Thank you to everyone for checking out my little world of internet gaming silliness, it amazes me how many people I've been able to reach here with my curious efforts. And in the time since my last contest the number of people following diceRolla has more than quadrupled, for which I am very appreciative, and I feel this is overdue for some celebrating as well.

Therefore, as an expression of my gratitude for your continued support and encouragement, I am offering the two sets of Forge World pre-heresy Space Marine goodness seen below. I understand not everyone plays Marines, or even 40k for that matter, so to hopefully broaden the appeal I'm including for each winner a resin display base from Secret Weapon Miniatures designed to hold the individually based models. That way even if you don't normally do anything with Marines, perhaps you would still enjoy painting them for your display shelf.

(Sorry about the dark, awful photo. You can click the links in the list below to see the primary items at the company websites.)

The two winners of the contest will each receive the following:

- five MkIII Iron Armour Space Marines
- five Umbra Patter X10 Space Marine Bolters
- one pre-Heresy style Flamer
- one pre-Heresy style Meltagun
- one pre-Heresy style Missile Launcher and arms
- five matching resin bases for individual models

So here's how to enter:

1) Join my Esoteric Order if you haven't already (i.e., click the Follow button).

2a) Either leave a comment on this post with a link to something you've written of which you are particularly proud...

2b) Or leave a comment on this post with a link to someone else's work that has inspired you or helped you out with your hobby in some way. It can be a piece of artwork, a tactics article, some army list advice, a painting tutorial... anything really. Just no links to diceRolla, please. (It's probably not necessary for me to specify that last part but I just want to be clear on the matter.)

And that's it. For the links I'm essentially interested in seeing an example of what drew you to bring your hobby to the internet. While more demanding than the terms of my last contest, hopefully it is not so great an obstacle as to discourage anyone from entering. On Sunday, October 24th at 10pm EST I will randomly select two people who've entered this drawing to win one of the prize packages described above. So please pick out a link you'd like to share and enter the contest... good luck!

And thanks again for supporting me in my blogging adventures, you make it a far more fun, interesting, and rewarding experience for me. Thank you.


  1. Well, I follow along these excellent posts in GoogleReader, I ought to show my support by actually following.

    As for a post I'm proud of, it's tricky.. I'm going to go with this one in the interest of getting other people to think outside of their own boxes. Once the creative juices are flowing, check out the other areas on my blog and hopefully they'll also assist!

  2. I got into the game to convert tanks and infantry, and read the fluff (bout 10 years ago now) and have only within the last 18 months or so actually started playing.

    As to something I'm proud of...

  3. Recently, I found this post inspiring:
    I'm not a tyranid player, but am thinking about arms for a daemon prince and it seemed a very cool idea!

  4. I am always trying to widen my skill set when it comes to painting, so articles detailing different methods are always helpful. For instance, this post on painting yellow from A Gentleman's Ones was very insightful, and made me want to try to paint something yellow. I have attempted yellow before on random for fun minis, and it ended up horrible, so I would like to give it another go with B.Smoove's technique.

    Perhaps on these lovely pre-heresy Imperial Fists in MkIII armor?

  5. I just wrote a post I think you'll enjoy.

    As far as what brought me to the internet with my own "special brand of crazy" (said by Lauby and he's right!)-it was that I wanted to blog about games and not real life. It all kind of spiraled from there.

  6. I've also been following in Google Reader so I'll follow here as well now!

    As for something that has influenced my hobby I'd have to say Warpstone influenced me with his Kroot Hound conversions here

    If you see my site you can see how mine turned out.

  7. While I would feel kind of guilty if I won something here again, those MkIII suits sure are tempting! I don't think I'd feel guilty enough to actually turn them down, but I'd probably need to do some kind of penance.

    I would however like to take this opportunity to share one of the sites that got me back into 40K in the 3rd ed days, which is amazingly still around to see even if it hasn't been updated in many years. It was a very slick site for the day, and holds up even now, comparing well to much more recent blogs. While the rules they're using are dated, the games they show are still fun reads. Along with forums like the Maelstrom, this site really rekindled my desire for 28mm 40K after spending time just on Epic.

  8. I'll go with the '2b' option, though its a bit self explanatory/redundant considering my last post. Dave's stars tutorial:

    Having started work on 'The Purge' (which I'll post about later this evening) I'm sure that I'll be getting a good bit of practice with his stars in the future.

  9. 2a) / (they're kind of together)

  10. insert my comment here

    inspired? well, it definetely got me outa a HUGE rut way back that i wasnt sure i was gonna hop outa

  11. Well I follow you and I just posted this today:

    Where I thank you for being my first (only) follower and thank you for you awesome comment that made me feel really good about the whole blog thing... not that I'm kissing your ass or anything but....

    and damn that Copperhead Valkyrie is made of WIN!

  12. There's this guy in Guatemala, Woroxon, that has the most amazing approach to 40k. He's always so very enthusiastic and has made some pretty awesome Konversions that makes me wonder if he isn't truly a mekboy at heart. Never a bunch of complaints over codex creep or Internet wars or proclaiming the only true Internet list above all else. I'll recommend taking a look at what he writes and let yourself be infected by what this hobby really is about. Having fun!

  13. 2a: something to be proud of.
    2b: something that inspires me.

    Damn! The 2 options were too difficult, when I first read the entry. Some hours later I recognized something that fulfils the 2 choices:

    What's that? A collaborative thread I posted in Warseer, about painting stations, desks and other cool ideas for them. I choosed that thread, because it makes me proud (because, IT'S WORKING! A bunch of members have posted pics, thrown ideas, etc, etc) and also motivates me and more important, OTHERS about having a desk, zone, space, table, station or whatever, dedicated to our hobby. That thread it's inspiring me to design a cool hobby desk and it's also motivating others.

    It's full of pics, ideas, it inspires myself and others; what else could I ask to be proud? =D

    EDIT: misspelling!

  14. I first came into blogging to gain a sense of the community. I had been lurking on the edges for some time, visiting some of the old guard – BolS, Rons From the Warp, Drax and his tales about collecting and gaming in the middle of the English countryside – but it was an article by Jervis on the camaraderie inherent in the hobby that really pushed me over. Blogging gives me a way to reach out and share ideas, achievements and frustrations with the world wide community. I have made friends with people across the globe, from England, across Europe and America, Asia and Australia – and it’s the love of the hobby (and a little piece of cabling or invisible wireless signal) that brings us all together.

    So I’m going to cop out and say it’s the community at large who inspire me in this hobby. People with a shared love who are happy to get out there and show the world what it is that they love doing. If I had to single a couple out, I would probably go with:

    ‘Noeste’ (although he seems to have gone quiet for now) who was always willing to explain a modelling and painting technique, and offer his advice when I ran into a wall. Here’s a post he did showing how he kit bashed some dragon ogres: . These things are pure awesomeness, and he was cool enough to take the time and show the world in a basic step by step method how it can be achieved.

    And then there’s ‘The Inner Geek’ who gave me my first comment. He might be an erratic blogger (not that I’m much better) but he always has some words of wisdom in his posts. This is a post from when I first got into blogging which just blew me away: .Blogging provides us all an outlet to show of our creativity (and really cool and expensive bits of kit).

  15. Well i would love to throw my hat into this ring!

    This is my best friends blog, We started back into 40k together and the banter between the pair of us has been a constant inspiration for not only my Chaos army (as mentioned in the article) but also for my BA army.

    In other news Papa JJ im still back reading your blog... Phew its a full one, with lots of great posts. Picking just a few has been hard but im just about ready to go all out on writing you up ;) Also I will be free as of the 28th to start work on that model for you!

  16. Here's a post I put up about a project I'm working on that really embodies my hobby on the internet: Project Space Marine.

    It's an army of Space Marines where each model will be from a different chapter. I've put up tutorials of each chapter as I finish that model.

    Strange, random, and overly-ambitious. That's my hobby.

    These models would look great as part of my Sternguard and Vanguard Veteran Squads.

  17. option 2b for me.

    This guy is doing a bunch of Rogue Trader models, which is great inspiration for my own stuff. And he's doing them quite well too.

  18. Well if I choose option 2a, I'd have to go with a plucky little set of skirmish rules I wrote to share with the 40k community.

    If I chose option 2b, I'd have to plug all the inspiration that is A Gentleman's Ones!

    B.smoove' work is inspiration fried up and stuck on a stick, and who doesn't love carnival food!


  19. Well for myself doing a blog has been a great experience. Originally it was meant to be something to just fill the time. But now it has grown and I love seeing what everyone is up to and gaining inspiration and advice from people.

    And because of blogging I have met some great people, and have begun to express myself in ways I wouldn't have a year ago (ex. writing stories as I'm dyslectic).

    So now to my choice from my blog, Eldar Dictionary: this took quite a few months to build up and double check the meanings and is still being added to now.

    But I also need to link to 'The Glorious Works'and to this piece:

    This model inspired my favourite farseer in my collection. And most importantly this guy is always up for a 40k discussion.


  20. I have just seen todays Blast From the Past from CoolMiniOrNot here:

    ...and it reminded me the bucketloads of inspiration I get from this site daily. This is the site that got me into wanting to create my own internet corner showing my work to the world and its one of the oldest miniature showcase websites out there.

  21. Route 2a for me, a while ago I added a tutorial to my blog on how to sculpt Pith Helmets because alot of people were asking me how I did it. It's not something which loads of people want to do, it's pretty specialist to collectors of Praetorian Imperial Guard, and I know for a fact that there are a fair few people out there it's helped in the past year. The latest development of it (good karma?) was the release of Secret Weapons Pith Helmetted heads though, for the Helmet it that tutorial is the master helmet used in those!


    Another 2Aer here. The post linked here I am especially proud of. First of all, it was the first post I ever did three years and a whopping 700 posts ago. Secondly, it shows a LEGO ship I built which is no big deal, but it was featured on a well-known builder blog as well.

    So there you go, first, it kicked off a blog that has yet to quit, secondly it features a build of mine that got some legitimate props from some the LEGO community at large.

  23. I'm a bit of a lurker of sorts in the blogosphere, currently following over 100 blogs that I do read when I have the time (no battle reports though...), and thus draw inspiration from a large assortment of blogs.
    At the moment I'm skulls deep into a Khornate binge and have been looking into Khorne Calvary. Here are three different links of blog posts that have inspired me.

    As for a particular post of my own that I'm proud of, it would be my Afriel Strain IG Vets. I do not play IG, but I read about the Afriel Strain in a copy of Astro Mag and decided to take a go at making my own. A tutorial on "pimping" out your vets was included as well.

  24. It is nice to see such generous competitions offered around on various blogs. I really hadn't noticed them before and I generally just keep to a small circle of blogs I check regularly. I should get out more!

    Anyway a shamless plug for my own blog:

    Currently I am updating my Dwarves for eight edition before I get back to my Chaos...

  25. Hi There. Smart way to get a ton of followers. ;)

    Anyway, something that drew me into the hobby came from a old friend who owned a store up in Maine many years ago. Since then I head up tournaments and run the web site for a local warhammer group in Charlotte. Ashville is a couple hours away, but if you are ever in the area of Charlotte, hit me up for a game.

    Anyway, back to the original story. This friend used to have radio commercials for his store (now out of business). Here is one that I posted on my blog a while ago. "Gazghull Thraka" goes to the dinner"

    Some articles I'm proud of are a two part post on building a multiuse display board.

  26. Not a lot of writing, but a lot of photos... I even received a dreaded C&D from GW for this (and other) models in my blog :)

  27. First, I don't understand how I wasn't already in "The Order"...I am now thank God.

    Second, I will point you in the direction of two bloggers...

    Col. Corbane:

    King's Standard Bearer(Craig):

    Their blogs helped me get into doing my own and they both really inspired me to try new ideas. Their both off in the Warp these days attending to important things but their projects and feedback inspired me many times.

  28. This is my favorite conversion and the one I've gotten the most thanks in my email/forums/comments for.

  29. So many articles/threads out there that have influenced me in some way. Nurgling6688's colour scheme for his Sons of Dorn have really influenced the colour scheme of my Black Templars.

    While Grey Death's tutorials on how to paint table top standard tanks has also been a great source of motivation.

    But the source of inspiration for this competition has to be Desertfox's tutorial on using washes to paint black armour. Such a quick and simple way to paint table top standard Black Templars


  30. For a lot of reasons series of blog post showing the mini campaign set on a space hulk/bunker really made me start with both a game board and getting interested in (and starting to play) killzone.

    Was one of the first image I saw of his board, and well was hooked since my first reaction was "hey that, looks fun. What rules are using".

  31. I am going to throw my name into the hat at the last moment to send a shout out a blog I just found this morning:

    I know he's been around for awhile, but somehow I missed him. However, our Scottish friend has tons of great modeling and painting tips, pictures, and general knowhow. And he is pretty good as well! Thanks Dante!

    Good luck to all who have entered, and remember I actually needs these marines since I'm doing a Pre-Heresy army for Adepticon. :) Just sayin! :)

  32. I love the request you submitted - a great list of links is being generated here.

    I'm going to put up a few links from wee blokes - where he's making some excellent space hulk style scenery which is giving me ideas for warhammer quest.