Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome To Your New Home

We arrived home late last night from our trip to Asheville. To my delight I saw that the Copperhead Valkyrie from Col. Hessler had arrived while I was away but I was too worn out and decided I should wait until I had recovered from the trip a little. I unpacked it today while my daughter took her nap and took it for a test flight around the yard. The crew of the Valkyrie seem to be quite happy and look forward to their easy new assignment. They've heard that they'll just be flying around a factory boss and his bodyguard. Sounds simple enough, what could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to your new home, flyboys! Don't worry... it's a quiet, safe neighborhood. Most of the time, at least.

Thanks again to Col. Hessler for this awesome model! If anyone has suggestions for color schemes, I'd love to hear 'em.


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  3. Oh no! Where's the raid?

    Too many beers required me removing the previous two comments since the brain to finger/keyboard functionality is reduced.

  4. Didn't Krusty have an airline at one point? Perhaps there's a color scheme that the show could suggest, or alternatively paint it up like a doberman and call it "The Hound".

  5. Brilliant photograhpic narrative. You've given me so many ideas here. So. Very. Many.

  6. Hm... I don't know about colors, but what a landing!

  7. @ Thor - Haha, no worries. : ) Cheers!

    @ sonsofthunder - I'd forget about Krusty's airline, thanks! I did think of his airplane that he crashed into the mountain to avoid taxes, and also Mr. Burn's Spruce Moose. Good idea, thanks!

    @ b.smoove - Thank you very much!

    @ Loquacious - Thanks, glad you liked it!

  8. Love the pics. The grass/straw actually gives it the look of real (not giant grass) terrain.

  9. first I would like to say... thats your backyard? nice yard!

    Paint scheme... I say fluoro yellow with big bright red cross hairs all over it... I mean if your going to tempt fate like that go for glory!

  10. Ya know, they say that the farther south you go, the bigger the bugs get...

  11. Damn that thing is cool... need to rip that off when I do traitor guard someday.

    Love the photos, funny idea

  12. Looks like you had a lot of fun crawling around in the grass taking pictures of your toy soldiers! I often wonder what my neighbors think when I'm doing the same with my my stuff.

  13. @ Schnitzel - Thanks, I too was surprised how well the grass and marsh reeds worked out for those pictures. Apparently my backyard does a good job standing in as a 'Nid-infested Death World.

    @ Von Drakin - Thank you! I really like your suggestion for a color scheme, too. That would be too funny, I just might have to do that. And yellow would be a good choice considering my favorite cartoon.

    @ Da Masta Cheef - Yeah, I hear they have a pretty big problem with Tervigons a little further south in Savannah. Poor bastards.... : ) Thanks, Cheef!

    @ Rich - If you decide to go ahead and make one of these for your traitor guard, be sure to check out Col. Hessler's blog if you haven't already. He's got a number of posts discussing how he did the conversions on it. Thank you, Rich!

    @ Gyro - Haha, very true! It was so much fun that I'm now eager to do more stuff like this. I hadn't even considered the neighbors, though. Next time I'll look around to see if I'm being watched. Thanks, Gyro!

  14. Dang it, I hate it when Blogger eats my posts!
    Anyway I love the idea, you framing is great.
    However it wont take long before the flyboys realize that Springfield is no easy partrol. I mean who is to protect the city when Cheif Wiggam is off to find that elusive donut. And to boot apparently, Mr Burns has unleashed some new mutant from the plant. :)