Monday, September 5, 2011

Laborious Day

Well I hope everyone had either a great Labor Day, or else a great Monday, depending on whether or not this was a holiday for you. I'm more or less taking the night off from the blog in honor of the occasion, although I have kept myself busy today cleaning and organizing my hobby space for the first time since moving into the new house. In the process I'm finding some neat things that I haven't seen in a while, such as my old set of Gorkamorka toys.

The big box has been opened but everything is there and still on the sprue, while the two boxes of Ork Boyz remain unopened. Hmm... I wonder if I could track down some more of the vehicles from that era and start a Gorkamorka campaign. Then again maybe I should just sell the stuff and be done with it. It's not like I've gotten much use out of them in the previous fourteen or so years, and I imagine there are still people who would have a blast with this game. Whether I keep the Gorkamorka gear or sell it off, this was nonetheless a nice find for the day. Groovy.

Okay, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll get back to my usual blogging nonsense. Happy gaming and painting!


  1. I too love unearthing old but forgotten favourites in the depths of my Man Cave! Always makes me wonder what else is in there :-)

    Paul of the Man cave

  2. GORKAMORKA! Now there was a great game! Mad Max, but with Orks!

  3. Ah, the game that introduced me to the world of 40K. Good times.

  4. @ Paul of the Man Cave - Indeed! That by itself is a good reason to do the occasional excavation in the Man Cave. I like that sort of treasure hunting. Thanks, Paul!

    @ The GunGrave - Yeah, I've heard great things about the game and it does look like a lot of fun. Sadly though I've never gotten a chance to play. Whenever I have tried to get my gaming group interested in playing Gorkamorka, we always just end playing Necromunda. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time but I always wanted to use my Orks. Thank you, GunGrave!

    @ Thor - Oh cool, I didn't know that was how you got into 40k. It's too bad there aren't anymore games like that still with active support from GW. They really were great for introducing new people to the hobby. I've had quite a few friends who I was able to transition to 40k after playing Necromunda for a while. It would be fun to see them make a comeback. Thank you, Thor!

  5. Gorkamorka and Necromunda was great! Toss in some of the newer ork models and you can have some amazing fun now. Been having a strange urge to invite some buddies over one eve, toss out a table and have them bring their orks to beat up one another...

  6. RIght on, they does sound like fun! It's nice that we can still Gorkamorka but with all the fantastic Ork miniatures that have come out since then. I'd love to see Battlewagons and Deffkoptas in Gorkamorka, if they aren't already part of the rules that is. (I have no idea how much the rules have been updated since it came out or if there is any online community for it.) I hope you have some fun breaking out the older games... thanks, styx!

  7. I've been meaning to reply to this but when I went looking I couldn't find it...

    I loved Gorkamorka back in the day but these days no one I know has it or is interested in playing it...

    I might have to let you know what I have if your interested...

  8. Hey, thanks for digging around to find this... sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Definitely let me know if you decide you no longer want to hang onto your Gorkamorka stuff. I still don't know what I'm going to do with my own set but I'm certainly interested in adding more to the collection should I eventually have a chance to play. Thanks, Lord Shaper!