Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Witchling Stalkers WIP #2

I'm right now waiting for some things to dry so I'd like to do a quick painting update. I am back to work on those Witchling Stalkers for my Guild crew and so far tonight I've mainly focused on the greenish glow coming from the creatures' eyes. My recent experience painting the flyers for my Covenant of Antarctica fleet was apparently good practice for this and helped me sort out how I prefer to build up the blend of colors. This time though I took the green mix to an almost pure yellow to try to make the colors glow even brighter. I'm not positive but I think this was also my first intentional, albeit crude, attempt at OSL painting... yikes!

I may give the eye glow one more highlight with a little spot of white added in to try to make the color really shine, but otherwise that area should be finished. Along with working on the eyes, tonight I'm also doing some initial shading on the Witchling Stalkers' tattered rags and robes. I am therefore still not very far along with these weirdos but nonetheless I hope to finish them off in the next couple of days.

Okay, it looks like everything is dry enough now so it's back to painting these miniatures. Phew! After a day of toddler-based insanity it feels nice to relax and chill out with my paints and brushes for a little while. :) Goodnight!


  1. Loving the glowing green eyes. Like you said maybe one final highlight – though I would mix a tiny bit of the "almost pure yellow" so it is slightly off-white. Pure white may be a little harsh. Just a thought. Look forward to seeing these guys finished.

  2. They're looking nice indeed! I agree with the Dark Templar, one final highlight that is a really bright almost off white would make them look ace. I think you're gonna do a real good job of those!

  3. If you really want to make the eyes look like they're shinning then you might want to consider darker greens around the edges of the glowing area, maybe the cloth and possibly a yellow dot at the center and then trail a thin yellow line off to one side on both eyes in roughly the same direction to simulate movement. However they're looking nice matey!!!

  4. Looking great, I can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. @ The Dark Templar - That does sound like good advice, pure white would probably be too much for this. I want to work on them a lot more this weekend so hopefully they'll be done soon. Thanks, Dark Templar!

    @ Bo Bo - Thank very much, I appreciate that a lot! I've decided that I do indeed need to give 'em another highlight and I'll be sure to do as you guys recommend. Thank you, Bo Bo!

    @ Frontline Gamer - Another fantastic suggestion, thank you! I too thought that using a darker green to better define the areas would look good but I don't know if I have that degree of brush control to pull it off. I'll give it a shot though and will just be prepared to do some repair painting if needed. I love the idea of simulating eye movement with a glowing trail of light, that would awesome. :) Thank you, Frontline Gamer!

    @ Meatball - Fantastic! If things work out okay I hope to have them finished by the end of the weekend. Thanks, Meatball!

  6. @Papa JJ I know its being cheeky but in my guide to painting my Sorylian fleet on my Blog I go into basic OSL theory and how to pull it off. Stage 11 I think:

    You might want to give it a bit of a read. In terms of the painting of darker rings I'd suggest applying the colours as washes at this stage right at the very edge around the cloth on the hooded cowel and let it be drawn in towards the eye. Capillary action should fade the paint nicely leaving the dark green strongest at the edges and weaken it naturally as it gets closer to the center. But above all just have fun!!! Because that's what painting should be... FUN.

  7. @ Frontline Gamer - Not cheeky in the least as I am always grateful for someone pointing me toward a helpful resource. I try my best to keep up with all the blogs but I know inevitably there are always good things I miss seeing. Thank you for referring me to your Sorylian article, that's tremendous of you! I'll be sure to take a look and give the washes a try... capillary action, eh? Sounds good to me. :) Thanks, Frontline Gamer!