Thursday, September 1, 2011

Frontline Infinity

I'm taking a little break from the hobby whatnots tonight as another round of family visitors arrived earlier today. Thursdays are nominally my Infinity day for blogging, although during my first month back to diceRolla I hardly did anything at all related to the game and so it was skipped a few times in my weekly rotation. This is personally disappointing for me as Infinity is one of the games which I am right now most excited about. I am eager to become more familiar with it and I look forward to playing the game as well as painting a bunch of miniatures from Corvus Belli's beautiful range of models, it's just taken me longer to get started than I had hoped.

Therefore I've been sort of frustrated by these largely self-made delays in getting underway with Infinity. Fortunately to help me get the regular Infinity-fix that I have been craving, not long ago I started reading an awesome wargaming blog called Frontline Gamer that is written by an unabashed fan of the game. There is a lot of excellent content on the blog concerned with other games besides Infinity so I recommend you check it out even if that one particular game does not interest you. The Infinity articles however are the main reason that I've been digging through Frontline Gamer's blog archives as they are not only very clear, informative, and well written, but also the passion the author has for this game is infectious. Therefore tonight I would like to highlight a few of my favorite Infinity articles that I've found over at Frontline Gamer. Here is a selection of them:

Infinity: The best game there's ever been? Part 1 -- The start of a thorough discussion on why Infinity kicks so much ass.

Infinity: The best game there's ever been? Part 2 -- A continuation of Frontline Gamer's thesis on why we should all be playing Infinity.

Infinity: The best game there's ever been? Part 3 -- Umm... part 3, right? Yes, just in case you need more convincing this one is about the Infinity community.

Building an Infinity army (plus how not to do it) -- Along with covering a lot of important points to keep in mind while deciding whom to take to war, this article is also an awesome introduction to the game and goes over many of the key features to playing Infinity.

Infinity factions Haiku's : A really fun article offering a summation of each of the factions for Infinity, presented in the form of a haiku. Perfect!

There are of course quite a few other Infinity articles posted at Frontline Gamer, those that I have highlighted here were as I said simply my favorites. Thus if you're interested in the game I encourage you to visit Frontline Gamer's blog as it looks to be a great resource, and not just for Infinity but a slew of other games as well. Frontline Gamer is also currently participating in the HoP Idol competition at the House of Paincakes blog network so check there too for more hobby goodness. Voting for week 2 has just begun should you want to help decide who will carry on to next week's round. (Hint, hint.)

Alright, that's it for now. If you haven't previously done so, take a moment when you can and go visit Frontline Gamer, I think you will enjoy it. Goodnight!


  1. Heya Papa JJ that's a really nice write up of my blog... however you make my blog sound way better than it actually is!!! :P I fear it might let your readers down when they eventually get there!!! Your right though, I do love Infinity and it really is my favourite game I've ever played in all my 27 years of gaming... I just love it to bits.

  2. I've recently gotten into Infinity and I must say it just soooo good!
    Frontline Gamer has been a great contributor to my early Infinity stuff, and reading his are spot on - it is infectious!
    Try out Remote Presence blog too..Old Shatter Hands and crew have set up a dedicated Infinity blog..
    I'm also trying to throw a few things out, but knowing its every Thursday for you...I'll swing by and check it all out.

  3. Heya Ven, I've enjoyed reading your articles on Infinity and put a few mates onto your blog. How'd you get on with Achilles?

  4. @ Frontline Gamer - Haha! There's no way you need to worry about that, your blog and writing are top-notch. I appreciate you providing such great articles for us to read. They're really insightful and have already helped me considerably as I try to get a handle on Infinity. Thank you very much, Frontline Gamer!

    @ Venerable Brother - That's great to hear you're having a blast playing Infinity! I'm excited to find out more about your experiences learning the game, too. Thank you also for the blog recommendations, I'm sorry I had missed your Infinity articles previously though I'm happy to have more to read now. Thank you, Venerable Brother!

  5. Again Thanks Papa JJ. If you're looking for more Infinity to read then some New Zealand gamers have started up an Infinity based blog right here:

    I don't feel bad giving that a plug as I have nothing to do with it!!! New Zealand has a bit of a thriving Infinity scene and one of the best painters on the Infinity forums is from New Zealand Palocles... his Combined Army stuff is awesome looking. The blogs a bit bland right now as they've only just got it up and running, but fingers crossed I'm expecting great things from these knowledgeable guys.

  6. Infinity Rules! :)
    I love the work they do.
    Greetings from Spain!