Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Kaya WIP

So after taking the past two nights off from painting, today I got back into the swing of things and returned to work on Kaya the Wildborne. The baby's nap this afternoon lasted about an hour longer than usual and I tried to make the most out of that little bonus hobby time. I really do prefer painting during the day rather than at night so I'm appreciative of these opportunities for to paint while she sleeps. Few things calm my spirit as much as quiet afternoon spent with my paints and brushes... oh yeah, and miniatures too.

Check out the photo above to see how I am progressing on my Circle Orboros warlock. I haven't put a whole lot of time into it since my last WIP picture, although there certainly is a lot more color in place now. I tried to hide it with the angle of my camera but you can still somewhat discern the overly thick paint buildup on Kaya's abdomen. As I mentioned before, I noticed this as a problem area while still working on it but there wasn't anything I could do to reverse the effect. The best I was able to achieve was to smooth it over a little by applying additional watered down coats of the final highlight followed by a wash of Ogryn Flesh. Fortunately this flaw appears to be a lot less noticeable when viewed in person until you put the figure right to your face. I don't know if it's me or the camera, but in the photos however I can't seem to not notice this. Room for improvement I suppose. Nonetheless, I continue to be happy with how she is shaping up and I'm excited about seeing the Warpack completed.

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