Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home At Last

I'm home! It was another crazy drive and included locking the keys in my car, getting harassed by the police, and yes, even more detours. At least this time though I was actually able to follow the detour instead of getting lost in the Smokey Mountains. My hobby enthusiasm is totally fired right now and I feel very excited to get home and start some projects. I spent almost the entire drive home thinking about what I would most like to work on and have already started mapping out in my head how to go about it. There will be some totally new things, as well as a return to an old project that just never got off the ground. Now I feel inspired and am eager to get things rolling.

I've only been home for a couple of hours and I anticipate needing some time to recover from this trip. I will be writing up a description of my time at AdeptiCon, including a review of each of the seminars that I took, and hope to get it posted in a day or so. There might be some delay though as my wife decided to give away 80% to 90% of our furniture while I was gone and started some serious home remodeling projects. I therefore anticipate some additional demands on my time as we try to put things back into order that might keep me from getting to this as fast as I would otherwise prefer. I've also got more than six hundred (mostly blurry) photos to go over from the past eight days and I will try to figure out what to do with them as well. For now here's just a preview of a few of my favorite images from the con... enjoy!

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