Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Papa JJ on My Battalion

I registered today for the social network site My Battalion under the username of Papa JJ. Look me up if you're on there. I don't really know what to expect from it, but hey, why not? After spending some time on there over the past few days I think it looks like it could become a very useful resource for gamers, although that will probably depend on whether or not it is embraced by the online community. I hope it continues to grow a strong base of users and that it really does catch on with people. Although blogging is quite satisfying for me, there is something of a "splendid isolation" quality to it and so I appreciate the opportunity to connect with other hobbyists in a more interactive way, while hopefully still avoiding all the pitfalls that can be found in online forums. I would be surprised if you were to find anything like the hostility, vulgarity, and general nastiness which is unfortunately so prevalent in the forums. I think My Battalion could be just the thing for which I've been looking, and I am eager to see it realize its full potential.

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