Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Skorned

I mentioned about a week ago that my family gave me some pretty cool gifts for my birthday, including a variety of gaming items and miniatures. I wrote last week about how touched I was by the Daughters of the Flamer box and the warlock blister from my wife and on behalf of my own little girl, but that wasn't all by far! Pictured above is a complete 35 point Skorne army for Hordes given to me by my wife, with only a minimum of selection input from me. There's even an extra warlock in the form of Archdomina Makeda to give this force additional flexibility! She started off by giving me the Warpack for Valentine's Day, then got the rest for me over the following few weeks. To round out the army, my wife included a pair of Minions blisters, the Totem Hunter and a Swamp Gobber Fob Bellows crew. I'm particularly pleased with the faction-themed items as she tracked all of them down herself and I'm a sucker for these types of things. I forgot to include the Skorne paint kit and a blister of Praetorians, but everything else made it into the photo.

The rest of my family also got in on the Hordes-action and decided to add Trollbloods to my collection. In total I was given a Trollbloods Warpack, a Pyre Troll, a Fell Caller solo, a full unit of Pyg Bushwackers, and an Alten Ashley model. This means I've now got more than 25 points worth of yet another faction! They also gave me the Trollbloods paint kit and a set of Trollbloods tokens so I should be all ready to go with them.

I am very grateful that my family would go out of their way to get me such cool birthday presents. Even though I did help out by providing some ideas, I really had no idea that I would be receiving this many awesome new toys. I am still quite shocked by it all! I anticipate being very busy this year painting them. Also it is fortunate that my birthday didn't come a month earlier or else I might have ended up with a lot of Games Workshop stuff right before becoming interested in the Privateer Press games. Good timing, indeed! As it stands now, however, I benefited greatly and now have a huge jump on my Hordes collection. It was an awesome birthday and I had lots of fun with everyone, so again, thank you!

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  1. Looking back, it's funny for me to see this considering how quickly I would get the 40k itch-again.