Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FoW, Take Three

Okay, okay... just one more game to try out. Well, for now. :)

For the third time since this game came out I am once again interested in playing Flames of War, the 15mm WWII wargame from Battlefront Miniatures. The other day when I found my missing Tyranids army I also came across my copy of the Flames of War introductory box set, "Open Fire!" which I purchased almost two years ago. Despite an active FoW scene locally I did not go any further with the game at the time. I've had some reservations about the setting of the game which still linger with me today, but there is enough else about FoW that I like that I've decided to give it another shot. Although I'm going to start with the contents of the Open Fire! box, the Early War period has the most appeal for me and so I have already ordered the Blitzkrieg book. I have a good idea which nationality for this period I would like to collect but I'm going to wait until I've looked through the book before I decide on one.

I really want to like this game and I feel that I need to give it a fair chance. Hopefully the third time around with Flames of War will finally see the game click for me. I'm optimistic about it though and I should be able to play through the intro box fairly soon. Also those little 15mm tanks look like they'll be fun to paint so hey, why not?

Happy gaming!


  1. Look forward to heating how you get on mate. Always been interested in the game but only rarely hear anyone hereabouts discussing it

  2. @ The squirrel - Right on, I'll be sure to report back on my experiences with the game and let you know how it goes. Thank you, squirrel!

    @ sonsoftaurus - Haha, good one! I think that would at least be nice and easy to collect. :) Thanks, sonsoftaurus!

  3. I just sold all of my FoW stuff, I just can't get into historical gaming. I know it is a stupid reason but I have tried and it just doesn't interest me.

    The good news is I made enough money to finish my Tomb Kings, almost finish my Space Wolves and get a great start on my High Elves LOL!

  4. Hey, that's not at all stupid. Even though I've been playing historical wargames for a really long time and for the most part enjoy them, truthfully they have never captivated my imagination to the degree that sci-fi and fantasy games have over the years. I love studying history and whatnot but when it comes time to play I suppose I prefer that greater sense of freedom you get with a make-believe setting. I'm curious if my experience will be much different with Flames of War though I'm obviously hoping for as much.

    That's great news that you were able to get enough money out your FoW stuff to get a lot of other miniatures that will be more fun for you. Congratulations! This awesome that you were able to sort out what games you genuinely want to keep playing and get rid of anything else. Well done!

    Thank you, Meatball!