Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time Away

It's been I think a week since I've done any significant painting, something about which I am now disappointed. I do feel however that there weren't many missed opportunities in which I could have been painting. As much as enjoy my hobby, spending time with my family and then sleep are both more important to me so I was reluctant to trade either for more time with the brush. Maybe I'll paint some tomorrow but I'm not sure as we are getting ready to leave on our trip and still have a lot to get done before we can actually depart. I have finally decided against taking any painting stuff with me as I had been considering for some time. I don't want to try to paint any of the HYW figures as I'm worried that the conditions might not be conducive to quality work. I had thought initially about taking some Andalusians with me to paint but now that I have this growing interest in them and the Dark Ages in general, I have thus grown reluctant to treat them as a side-project. Lacking anything else that I feel like painting right now, it seems I will just have to trust that such a long time away from painting will not too greatly atrophy my abilities.

Then again, maybe I'll just grab some of the Ancient Hawaiians and see what happens. We could be away for two weeks or more, I just don't know. Better safe than sorry, right?

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