Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Odd Times

Something unusual is going on. It has been kind of a weird day and I'm in a weird mood this evening. I haven't done any painting today as well. Maybe I'll still do some tonight but who knows. Whatever, I'm taking it easy right now and not stressing it. I've got one more chapter to go in the FoG book and think I have a good understanding of how the overall game functions. Field of Glory has a lot of novel ideas and mechanisms that I haven't seen before in other games. Knowing myself, I believe that at some point I'll probably start collecting and painting figures for such an army but for now I think I will be happy sticking with DBA. I don't really foresee that many opportunities to play FoG, but then again it's not like I play a lot of games of DBA either. There's no point in worrying about it now as I've got at least another five or six armies for DBA already purchased and which I am excited about painting. As unlikely as it may seem, I'm actually showing quite a bit of restraint in not getting even further ahead of myself!

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