Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Nights

Last night I painted for about ten minutes just before midnight. I had just made bottles for the night and as I was walking past my station little decided to put in some time with the brush before going to sleep. Even though it was less than fifteen minutes, my minimum daily goal, it was still productive time for me. I switched the base colors for one of the billmen's stockings and added the next layer of color to the red areas. It wasn't much but I'm happy that I didn't succumb to yesterday's funk and instead managed to find a way.

Concerning the aforementioned areas of red clothing, I am in fact a bit frustrated. I can't tell if they're brighter than when I painted the spearmen and crossbowmen. I have this nagging feeling that previously I had mixed some of the mid-color into the highlight rather than using the highlight color straight out of the paint pot. This is yet another reminder to myself as to why I need to not drift away from project. It is a timely warning too as I have found myself recently starting to think more and more about other armies which I want to paint. Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying my HYW: English. It's just that my interests have shifted a bit since I first started them a year ago (and even longer than that since I first started researching them). Of course the cure for that would be a nice new book on the Hundred Years War to reignite my imagination a bit. As I am never one to scorn such prospects, I believe I have hit upon the right course.

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