Friday, June 19, 2009

Return of the Dark Ages

This morning after rolling out the trash I checked the mailbox and inside was a box of miniatures. Sweet! The package contained my recent order of Old Glory 15mm Franks and Berbers. After some initial research I decided that my Andalusian army needed some Berber javelinmen to go along with the Arab infantry. With the pack that arrived I now have all the miniatures that I want to use for an all-option III/34ab Andalusian DBA army. Along with the packs of Carolingian Franks that I ordered, I'm now set for putting together my first matched pair of Dark Ages armies. I'm excited about delving into a new time period as I have never really spent much time studying and learning about the Dark Ages. I've always been such a fan of the classical period that anything after the fall of Rome held little interest for me until arriving at the later medieval era (Hastings was usually my point of return). Two years ago I read a book about the four years surrounding Charlemagne's coronation by the Pope, but otherwise I have read almost nothing about this tumultuous time in human history. I appreciate the way my interest in history and wargaming nourish each other in that way. I have thus found this aspect of historical wargaming so much more satisfying than fantasy or sci-fi miniatures and games.

Today I was able to make good progress on the billmen as I finished the cloth areas including the two helmet covers. I'm overall pleased with the covers but I had some trouble getting the red part smooth on one of them though. If you look closely it appears a little clumpy but I don't think it's too bad to worry over. I might try to straighten the separation of the colors a bit but I'm satisfied to leave them alone for now. I also painted their shoes which means I can't delay any longer returning to their padded armor suits. I'm far enough along with these guys that I can now start to see the direction they're taking. And so far I think they look pretty good! Maybe with it being Fathers Day weekend I might even be able to finish them up this weekend. Maybe, just maybe....

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