Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Noting the Z.O.C.

I'm still trying to paint every day, but once I sat down this evening I realized that I didn't have anything new prepared for painting. Fortunately, just before I rationalized taking the day off, I remembered that I had started late last summer work on a 25mm Hundred Years War miniature from the Perry brother's Agincourt range. My plan was to mount it on a 40mm square base so that I could use it as a Zone Of Control marker for use in De Bellis Antiquitatis. I already have a Z.O.C. marker, or Barker Marker as it is more commonly refered amongst DBA players, which I had made about four years ago to use with my classical period armies. I thought it would be nice to make a new Barker Marker to accompany my HYW: English army, as well as whatever other medieval armies with which I end up.

Once painted and mounted the larger scale figure should be functional as a marker since it will be easy to handle and use during a game, but also still looking good and fitting in visually with this part of my collection. So for about an hour tonight I went back to painting the big fellow. It's a nice change of pace but I want to resume painting my 15mm English as soon as I can... I just don't want to have to scrape off all the mold lines. Ugh, lousy mold lines.

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