Sunday, June 7, 2009

Possible FoG Warning

I've become increasingly interested in the game Field of Glory since it's release a year or two ago. I bought a copy of the rules a year ago but set them aside in fairly short order. I couldn't bring myself to read through the book and that was it for some time. Since then I have noticed more and more references to it and decided to give the game another look. I've spent some time now looking through the various companion books that I've purchased and I feel like I should really make an effort to read the rules. I realized today that I've become so accustomed to the simplicty of DBA that the FoG book itself was a turn off. But then it occured to me that I should instead try to think about it as more like Warhammer or Warhammer Ancients rather than comparing it to DBA or even DBM, despite their shared basing conventions.

It has a chunky and somewhat lavish feel and is a very well illustrated rulebook, it is an Osprey product afterall, with a bunch of related period-themed army books. The army lists used are based on a point value system and they seem to allow for a decent amount of flexibility in the compostion and organization of one's chosen army. So given that adjustment to my thinking, I am once again going to see if there's enough there to sustain my interest over the amount of time I know it would take me to paint even just one army. Even though I think it could be a lot of fun and the usage of battle groups reminds me of the old Armati rules, I am just not sure if it would be worth it since one FoG starter army uses the same number of figures as five or six armies for DBA. To justify that, it seems like it had better be a very fun game.

As for the here and now, today I finished painting the 25mm knight and glued him to his base. I am no however planning on completing the base until I'm working on the bases of the archers and billmen as well. This afternoon I sprayed the primer coat of paint onto the billmen and mounted them on their temporary stands. I'm excited about being ready to begin painting them as they are some of my favorite miniatures in this range. It's too late for me to get started on them tonight but I'm content to wait until tomorrow as I can in the meantime start reading the FoG book. Hopefully it will be good enough that I have something positive to report.

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