Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CoA Bombers Almost Done

Well it looks like I'm now really close to finishing my Ptolemy Class Bombers, and with a little more time painting I should be able to knock 'em off. This will be the first squadron completed for my Covenant of Antarctica fleet, plus the three squadrons of frigates are not far behind. I'm happy with how the color scheme is working out on these models but I do expect it will need some modification for the other ships in the fleet. For now though I just want to make the orange and green areas on the bombers glow brighter and perhaps give the metal parts a quick highlight. At that point they should be finished and ready for their actual flying stands.

I don't know what I'll paint next for my Covenant fleet once I've completed the squadrons of frigates. I am interested in magnetizing the turrets on the remaining ships but I'm not too sure how I should go about doing that. I have however picked out what I want to include for my first 1000 points which I will use to learn how to play this game. Since I already have the starter box and a fleet carrier, there wasn't a lot of room left to include more units. Conveniently by adding a single blister pack of Icarus Class Medium Flyers, due to be released only a few days from now, I'd reach that 1000 point mark.

So here's the initial list that I'm building towards for my CoA fleet:

Aristotle Class Battleship (185)
Pericles Class Fleet Carrier (130)
3 Plato Class Cruisers with Inventive Scientists (210)
3 Diogenes Class Frigates (75)
3 Diogenes Class Frigates (75)
3 Diogenes Class Frigates (75)
2 Ptolemy Class Bombers (110)
2 Icarus Class Medium Flyers (140)
10 Tiny Flyer Tokens (free)

1000 Total Points

That's the current plan at least for my Covenant of Antarctica fleet. Presently though I am content to relax and work some more on the bombers before calling it a night. Happy painting and gaming!


  1. Loving the paint job, but I have no idea what the game is? It looks very cool though!

  2. Cool, man... I'm really glad you like the way these bombers are turning out. Sorry about not giving any context for them, though. They're for a game called Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games who also make Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas. This one is a steampunk-styled game that uses a lot of the same rules as the other two from Spartan Games, but it includes a mix of naval, air, and land units. While I'm still very new to their games so far they seem like a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for taking a look, Meatball, I appreciate that. Cheers!

  3. Very nice Papa JJ! I really like how you've done the rotor blades with the green glow... Looks very cool and suits the Covenant to a T.
    Nearly picked up the Covenant myself but the Sturm Panzer land ship won me over to the Prussians... for now...

  4. Thank you, Bo Bo! When I first started painting the rotor blades I wasn't sure if I would like the result, but now I am really happy with how they look. I'm glad you like the effect as well. I certainly understand the appeal of those Prussians, I think their land units might be the coolest in the game so far. I'll probably pick up a second nation's starter box sooner or later and the Prussians are right at the top of my list. Thanks again, Bo Bo!

  5. You're welcome Papa JJ, really keen to see how the rest of your fleet turns out. Especially the Pericles Carrier, those things are enormous!!