Sunday, August 21, 2011

QuickPic - Hundred Years Project

I just snapped this photo a few minutes ago of some 15mm Hundred Years War miniatures by Corvus Belli. These guys are for my HYW: English army for the fast-play historical wargame, de Bellis Antiquitatis. I have an element of four billmen almost fully painted and ready for basing, after which I'll have finished all of the support and optional pieces for the army. Not too shabby considering it's only taken me, um... 3+ years to get this far. :)

Next up will be six elements of deadly accurate longbowman who form the core of the army. I then plan on painting the three elements of mounted knights and their dismounted counterparts. Finally I'll wrap things up with a camp and possibly a separate element of camp followers, though I might model them as part of the camp itself. Since I'm saving that for last, however, I have plenty of time to think it over.

Happy painting and gaming... goodnight!


  1. These look great, I play DBA's little brother, Hordes of the Things. Lots and lots of fun, though I wish I had chosen 15mm instead of 6mm, you get more detail on the stands like you've got here.

  2. Oh yeah, I think I do remember seeing some of those 6mm minis on your blog. A few years ago I started to paint a batch of Romans in that scale but became frustrated with the small size after not too long. I really like 15mm miniatures, it's my favorite scale for most historical game systems.

    I have been interested in Hordes of the Things for a long time though I have never had a chance to actually try it out. It looks like it would be a lot of fun as I really enjoy the DBA/HotT approach to gaming. At some point I want to paint a couple of 15mm fantasy armies for HotT just in case I get the chance to play sometime. I'm just having trouble deciding which armies to collect. It's good to know there actually are other people interested in the game as well. :) Thank you, Mik!