Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ptolemy Class Bombers WIP

This evening I began painting the next batch of models for my Covenant of Antarctica naval group. The last time I worked on this project I painted a squadron of Diogenes Class Frigates as a test of my color scheme, so in this group I have included the remaining six frigates from the starter box. I'm even more excited however to have started painting my two Ptolemy Class Bombers. I believe it was when I first saw the concept art for these weird flying machines that I knew which faction I wanted to collect for this game. Thus I wanted to paint them right away once I had my colors sorted out.

It's still really early in the process but I do like how the split color scheme looks so far on the bombers. Unfortunately I didn't do as good of a job this time creating a gradient between the colors on the set of six frigates. I did not space them out as much as I should have when priming them so that the blue paint would blast sideways onto the ships to either side, almost completely covering over the bone-colored undercoat. I'm fairly sure however that on such small models this will hardly be noticeable except when viewed from close up, if even then. Also I am happy to learn this lesson at this point rather than later on when I'm painting the bigger, more impressive ships. :)

Alright friends, that's all I have to report this time out. I've been waiting for the first round of Gryphonne Sepia wash to dry on these Covenant vessels, and it appears to have now done so. Therefore please excuse me as I go back to work on my fleet. Goodnight!


  1. Really interesting colour scheme, looks cool if you ask me. I've been pondering a colour scheme for my very own CoA fleet. Looking forward to seeing how yours come out now.

  2. hey, good to see you making progress with the fleet. The bombers are my personal favorite models from the CoA. They are just so weird! Good job on the colour scheme, I think the blue is especially futuristic!

  3. @ Frontline Gamer - Awesome, thank you very much! I'll be eager to see how you decide to paint your own CoA ships. Good luck, Frontline Gamer!

    @ Musings of a Smurf - Even though it's still early and I've been working on it just a little bit at a time, I too am happy with how this project is coming along. I'm really glad you like how this first part of the fleet is turning out. Thank you, MoaS!

  4. How do these size up with 40K are they 28mm? Smaller? I see a fun jump pack conversion with these ships, if they are the right size.

  5. Nice, that sounds like a really cool idea. I'm not sure what scale these are supposed to be, although I just measured the bomber as being right at 2 inches across from wingtip to wingtip. I don't have any assault marines handy right now for comparison but I think they'd size up well. I hope that helps, if you want more specifics or a better comparison, like a photo perhaps, just let me know. Thanks, ian!!!!