Monday, August 15, 2011

Dark Angels Dreadnought

More than a year and a half ago I was working on a Space Marine Dreadnought whom I named Brother Abraxos. He was to be part of a Dark Angels' 6th Company army project that was shelved not too long after I'd finished painting this model. At the time I made a few WIP updates about him but then never got around to posting about the finished model. It's time therefore that I correct this oversight by sharing some pictures of my Dreadnought that I took back in January, 2010. Having patiently waited for such an introduction, I feel it is his due. Here then is Brother Abraxos....

I've had very little experience working with magnets and so even the straightforward task of magnetizing the arms for this Dreadnought was a challenge. I made a few mistakes concerning their polarity but was able to fix them without too much frustration. Reassuringly I have since learned better ways to keep the magnets properly oriented. I'm happy that the arms turned out well enough although the alignment on one or two of them is slightly askew. Not that it really matters though as they are still usable and look fine to me.

I enjoyed painting this Dreadnought but perhaps not as much as I thought I would. Nonetheless I really like how the model turned out and am grateful for the experience, especially in overcoming my hesitancy about using magnets. Overall I think this was a fun and worthwhile project. Unfortunately my interest in continuing with the rest of the Dark Angels army gradually fizzled and I moved on to other things. If I ever do return to those plans, one reason will likely be so that I can make better use of Brother Abraxos, but for now that's not sufficient motivation.

Then again, if the rumors are correct about the Dark Angels receiving some extra attention with the anticipated arrival of 6th Edition, perhaps that will provide the spark needed to reignite my interest in the Unforgiven. I suppose I'll just wait and see what happens, and of course in the meantime there is never a lack of minis that I am eager to paint. Speaking of which, I believe it's time I went back to my brushes for a bit of late evening painting. Goodnight!


  1. That is a beautiful Dark Angels Dreadnought!

  2. Cool model indeed!
    Hopefully we see more DA soon, with the arrival of 6th Ed. And hopefully, maybe an update from sector 7G =D

    It's good to see you succeed in your ambitious goal of posting SO often. I envy you, but it's great to have you back, with SO much content every day. Pure joy.

    Keep it up!


  3. What a colour green! Really dark and foreboding, perfect for the dark angels, well done sir, well done indeed.

  4. I like it very much! Very well painted and I also like the attention on the base, it finishes the model so well!

  5. As a DA player, I approve. Nice work.

  6. Very nice looking dread. The only thing I don't love about it is the harshness of the edge highlighting, but that's just my personal preference and I'm sure not everyone will agree. Excellent paint job and basing.

  7. Nice work! From one Dark Angels player to another.

  8. @ Meatball - Thank you, sir!

    @ Nesbet - It would be great to see more from the Dark Angels with 6th edition, especially as I do love painting things green. Hopefully I can start back on Sector 7G soon, too. Right now I'm just waiting to work where I am going to store all those building before I start painting them. I really appreciate your support and am glad you've enjoyed the revamped blog. Thank you very much, Nesbet!

    @ Musings of a Smurf - I really had a lot of fun working with such a dark shade of green. I'm grateful that you like the results. Thanks, Musings of a Smurf!

    @ Mihalis - Fantastic, thank you very much!

    @ Fnurgn - Thanks, I appreciate it!

    @ Mik - Right on, thanks Mik!

    @ Chaosheade - Thank you, friend! The harsh edge highlighting is actually something that frustrated me as well when I was working on it. Figuring out how to highlight these plastic dreadnought kits has always given me a hard time and I'm not satisfied with this method either. Ah well, I'm sure there will be dreadnoughts in the future on which I can try to work this out. Thanks, Chaosheade!

    @ slipwing - Thank you very much!

    @ styx - Wonderful, thank you styx!

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