Thursday, August 11, 2011

Malifaux Bump - Starting with Criid

Even though my attempt at scheduled blogging is less than two weeks old, tonight I'm calling an audible as I want to post an update concerning Malifaux instead of Infinity. This is because over the past few days I've become absolutely fascinated by this game from Wyrd miniatures. It's been quite fun reading the rulebook and I now remember how jazzed I was about the game when going through the original book last year. It comes across as such an elegant and innovative system that I am really keen to try it out. I may be in luck too as apparently one of the local LGS's has a fairly regular group of Malifaux players from whom I can learn how to play. Jackpot!

So that's what has motivated me to change up my hobby plans a bit and for the time being give some extra attention to Malifaux. A chance to jump in right away and start playing is too good to pass up in favor of an arbitrarily chosen blog schedule. I trust no one will be too upset about this. ;) I expect there is a tremendous depth to this game that I won't otherwise be able to appreciate without actually playing it. Based on the glowingly positive feedback and testimonials that I've heard about Malifaux, I doubt I will be disappointed with it.

Therefore tonight I'm set to begin work on my first Crew, for which I decided to go with Sonnia Criid and the Guild Witch Hunters. If all goes well I should have some extra hobby time tomorrow and I'd really like to start painting my Crew this weekend if possible. Besides it's been too long since I lasted painted anything so I think that would be a good goal for me. With the first batch of minis there's not a lot of assembling to do so I'm hopeful about being able to knock the rust off my paintbrushes quite soon.

Okay, that's all I have to report on for this update. I apologize to any fans of Infinity annoyed about your game getting bumped from the rotation in favor of Malifaux. No doubt I'll make up for it once I'm ready to begin painting my Ariadna Kazaks.... holy smokes, those are some sweet minis. That will be a lot of fun when I get to them, but now it's Malifaux's turn.

Happy painting and gaming!


  1. It's all looking very exciting. I was wondering if you have played Malifaux at all other than a demo game or two?

    I'm in the process of teaching a local newbie the ways of Malifaux and it's fun seeing the various stages of progression as he goes from understanding the card mechanic to playing a basic game with strategies to discovering cool action combinations. It's all very rewarding and I've managed to covert him almost completely from a keen 40k player. I look forward to reading about your new experiences too, and seeing your painted models next week ;)

  2. Thanks again for suggesting I take a look at the Malifaux wiki, that's been a useful resource for me this last week. I'm totally new to the game so I appreciate any advice or additional examples and explanations of how it all works. Maybe with the blog I can provide some insight from a newbie's perspective on learning to play Malifaux, or if not at least some entertainment perhaps. Thank you, Dark Templar!