Thursday, August 18, 2011

Malifaux Bump - TerraClips!

Well, well, well. It looks like Infinity is once again bumped from this week's rotation in favor of Malifaux. This time it's because my set of the new 3D modular terrain from Wyrd Miniatures has arrived and I couldn't wait to begin playing with them. So... TerraClips!

I only started a short while ago punching out some of the larger pieces from the Sewers of Malifaux box to test how these things fit together using the plastic clips. Based on the weight and quality of the card-stock alone I have a good first impression of this terrain. (I just checked and the Wyrd website says it's 1.7mm thick punchboard.) The pieces appear to be more durable than I had expected and the clips slide on smoothy. I therefore suspect this terrain will hold up nicely if not abused since assembling and disassembling your pieces are not likely to damage them. Nonetheless I'm interested in seeing how long it takes for wear and tear from usage to become noticeable.

In all honesty I had not been terribly impressed with the pictures I had seen of these terrain sets over the past year. In all the photos they looked to me too busy and actually sort of ugly. I am therefore relieved to think that they look much better in person. All the little details are much more impressive and do not appear to be as busy or distracting as I had thought they would. There's a lot of potential for Wyrd's terrain and it is a significant step forward from any card terrain that I've used in the past. Beyond just Malifaux these sets are clearly well suited for many other wargames and RPGs, for which no doubt they will come in quite handy.

As I said I have not had much time to play with this terrain but I look forward to experimenting and having fun with them this weekend. I'll revisit this once I've really tested them out and built a few different layouts. Last night I saw posted here at Rhellion's Tabletop an excellent review of Rhellion's experiences working with the Streets of Malifaux and the Buildings of Malifaux box sets. If you're interested in more info I recommend you check out his blog. There's plenty of good stuff there.

One thing Rhellion mentions is that Wyrd already plans on releasing further sets of terrain, including futuristic designs as well. Not only does that sound very exciting (oh... Infinity!), but also explains why my box of TerraClips is labeled as "Translucent Grey." I suppose this means we can expect these clips to eventually come in a variety of colors. Something about designer TerraClips is really amusing to me.

Fun, indeed. :)

Alright, I gotta run. Things should be getting back to normal soon as my visiting relatives will be departing in a day or so. Happy painting and gaming!


  1. Malifaux, malifaux, malifaux! Was the terrain set expensive?

  2. Are we going to get some more pics of them in action down the road? I've been very curious about these but have held off until I got the "local" scoop.

  3. @ Black Matt - MSRP is right at $49 and I bought mine for about $40 from TheWarStore. You then have to buy the clips separately at $18 MSRP. So one box and the clips will run about the cost of two GW terrain pieces, which at first seemed fairly reasonable to me. From what I can tell though you'll likely need two boxes, both of the main terrain sets and of the TerraClips as well, in order to have enough of the tiles for an area large enough to play most skirmish games.

    Therefore you're looking at more than $110 initial investment, and that's with getting a 20% discount. As nice as these toys are, I don't know if in the long run they'll be worth the price, especially if you already have a collection of terrain to use where you play. That's why I think the question of durability is going to be so important when it comes to whether or not I feel like this was a good purchase.

    Sorry about the long-winded answer, I hope that helps. Thanks a lot of taking a look, Black Matt. Take care!

    @ Mik - Yeah, definitely. I was excited to start playing with the kits as soon as I could, but the sections I put together last night were all really simple in shape so I didn't really bother with pictures at the time. I'll make sure to take more photos and give you a better run down on what you actually get for your money. With all the games you play, I have a feeling you'd get a lot of use out of these terrain kits. Most likely I'll show the kits and what I figured out to do with them in more depth later this weekend. Thanks a bunch, Mik!

  4. I figured this would be like the old Mordheim terrain. It looks to be better quality and asemble smoother (no glue).
    Good stuff.

  5. @ ian!!!! - For me this terrain is a good step forward from the Mordheim pieces. As well as not requiring glue which is great, they're also much sturdier than those card buildings and ruins included with the Mordheim box. I remember those being somewhat flimsy. I think these terrain sets from Wyrd Miniatures will come in very handy for games in the doomed city. I love Mordheim and look forward to that myself. Thanks, Ian!!!!