Friday, August 12, 2011

Holes in Time

Just another Friday night drilling holes into little metal soldiers....

Ah, the good life. :)

I'm happy to say that the Witch Hunters starter box is now assembled and the members of the Crew are each pinned to their respective bases. I left Sonnia's sword unattached for ease of painting as I will glue it onto her once the rest of the miniatures is finished. Otherwise everything is set so that I can start painting these guys tomorrow, something about which I am very excited. I still have some more time tonight and hope to have the Executioner and the Purifying Flamer Totem put together before calling it quits.

So that is all I I have to report for this update, it's time for me to get back to the drilling. Happy gaming and painting, everybody!

Oh yeah... and best of luck to all the 'Ard Boyz this weekend, too!


  1. Update - I've finished assembling and basing the Executioner and that Totem fella, Purifying Flame. I'll prime these guys in the morning and then paint as much as I can. Woo-hoo!

  2. They look great – looking forward to seeing them painted. I've decided to paint my Witchlings as Sith Jedi with black/dark grey robes and glowing red eyes.

  3. Oh that's a cool idea for your Witchlings... you could even snip away their blades and replace them with perhaps brass or plastic rod to be painted like light sabers. Regardless I'm sure you Sithlings will look great! Thanks again, Dark Templar!